Soul Art Portraits

I paint Soul Portraits intuitively and spontaneously and each painting reflects the individual person through my eyes as an artist revealing aspects of their personality and spirit.  This exciting painting process is preceded by a consultation and meditation with the sitter followed by an energetic healing session working with the chakras and subtle energy within the body where I am able to visualise your soul essence. I capture elements that reflect your inner personality and wisdom.  If you want to connect with your true self, or your soul essence then a Soul Portrait can help you along your journey to self discovery, inner wisdom and freedom.  It will help you to connect with your Higher Self keeping your heart more open this will then open the door to peace and abundance in your life.

A recent testimonial from a client really does convey what a Soul Portrait can do for you.

‘Steffi has a natural gift when it comes to both art and healing and I often turn to her if I need some energetic assistance as her intuitive approach has helped me check in with myself, remove any stubborn energetic blockages that could be holding me back and connects me with the divinity within. Steffi is a channel of bright divine light, she works with the angelic realm and has great insight. Her Soul Art session is magical, after aligning my chakras and energising my system to bring me back into balance, Steffi intuitively created a portrait that very much resembles where I am in my life today. Some things immediately stood out, other parts needed some quiet reflection to work out a deeper meaning.  I would highly recommend a soul portrait session as this is a very special gift to yourself or someone you care for deeply. For me, my soul portrait is a reminder of how far I’ve come and the inevitable bumpy road ahead.  I’ll definitely be back in 5 years to collect another beautiful piece of work, that I can hang next to my 2017 energetic self and see how my journey has evolved! Really, really special.’

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