At Cortijo Las Salinas in Southern Spain, I host regular art and creative retreats. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced artist I will help you to develop confidence and a personal direction in your artwork as you paint in the warm sunshine surrounded by spectacular scenery, landscapes and sunsets.  We spend time in nature, down by the healing waters of the San Juan river or in the peaceful olive groves and of course there is always plenty of time for studio work.

My creative art holidays are designed for everyone and mixed ability groups are no problem and the format can be flexible to suit individual requirements.  Non painting partners are also welcome where they can sit by the pool or go for a swim, take a walk or just relax with a book.

You will be amazed to see what you can paint and how you heal when you drop expectations and allow the creative process to unfold. Deep down we are all artists who have whatever it takes to express our inner world through art, the only thing holding us back is the limitations we place upon ourselves.

Art is a therapy in itself and the artistic and creative processes are crucial to our holistic well-being. Intuitive Art, sometimes called Intuitive Process Painting, is a very powerful spiritual and creative practice. By clearing the mind and painting without an ego you allow the piece to naturally emerge as the painting’s journey unfolds, changing with every layer. It is a very exciting way to paint – oh! and the use of a paintbrush is kept to the absolute minimum! Hands and mark making tools are much more fun! We will also be incorporating some creative writing into the programme, which can help the creative process along.  So no need to be afraid of that paintbrush or blank canvas.

This year my Creative Art Retreat  will be held from 4 – 11 June and is going to be combined with cookery.  Steve and Agi, the cortijo chefs plan to demonstrate and give some hands on cookery lessons.  So if now is time to unlock your creative potential as well as your masterchef aspirations this is the holiday for you.  Book today as places are limited.  Investment is 1250 euros per person but for shared accommodation there is a discount of 200 euros.  This includes delicious and nutritious food and all materials but not flights and airport transfers.

Depending upon the type of art and painting holiday, we often go out to make the most of the fantastic scenery, old ruins, interesting rock formations, waterfalls and wild flowers, wild orchids can be seen from March until May.  Alternatively, there are many other workshops which can include Intuitive art, Collage, Abstract Painting, Textures and Colour, Art with meditation, Hamsa Workshops, to mention just a few…….. and we usually always begin the day with some yoga to stretch the body and end the day with either a gong bath meditation, some Yin Yoga or even some singing around the fire pit !  I also include some creative writing and simple mark making exercises for those who need a little gentle encouragement to launch themselves onto the canvas.

A typical day would start with some yoga around 8.30 am, take a relaxed breakfast, then gather in the studio to plan the day ahead and begin painting. A break for lunch is usually around 2.00 pm and is taken at the cortijo by the pool, or as a picnic out on location. Siesta follows lunch until 5.00pm, where you can swim, sleep, go for some local walks to the river or up the hill, do more sketching, or even do a little more yoga !   Every day is flexible and will take its lead from the group.

The evening meal usually takes place around 8.00 pm and then retire as early or late as you prefer. All meals are prepared using locally sourced produce with a Spanish theme and are cooked at the cortijo.   We are a vegetarian/vegan retreat and can cater for all food allergies.

Bespoke art holidays can be organised for Art Teachers or Corporate Groups i.e. a long weekend, Monday to Friday or longer, just email me with your requirements and I will see what I can do to accommodate your group or alternatively most yoga retreats have a workshop running simultaneously.

It is recommended you take out your own personal travel insurance.

For further information email:

Or Telephone 0034 638494361 to discuss any part of the art holiday or to discuss bespoke art holidays 

Information about Cortijo Las Salinas and the accommodation go to Cortijo Las Salinas