A high quality signed and numbered limited edition print of 50 from the I AM . . . series of warrior women measuring 40 x 50 cms.   Duende will be featured in Volume 2 of the I AM … book.       It will be delivered to your door and ready for you to frame.  It is also available as a limited edition print on canvas which is hand embellished and finished by myself.  Contact me directly for the size you need to fit your wall space and I will give you a realistic price as you are buying directly from me and not through a gallery or third party website.

50 in stock

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I AM … Duende

The word duende refers to a ‘spirit’ in Spanish folklore and literally means ‘ghost’ or ‘goblin’. It is believed to derive from the phrase “dueño de casa,” which means “owner of a house.” The term is traditionally used in flamenco music or other art forms to refer to the mystical or powerful force given off by a performer to draw in the audience. The Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca wrote in his essay Teoria y Juego del Duende (Play and Theory of the Duende) that duende is a power or a feeling and not a behaviour . . . a struggle and not a concept.  Nowadays the term appears in a broader range of contexts to refer to one’s unspoken charm or allure, literally the power to attract through personal magnetism and charm.

This Spanish Flamenco dancing warrior women has passion in her eyes and a very deep soul.

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