About Me !

‘Colours Are Like Words To Me’ 

I absolutely love colour and have always had a fascination with how colours sit together, blend to create more colours or ‘pop’ when next to each other.   Being born in the sixties, colour was everywhere – we even had a colour TV and my bedroom was painted a bright orange !  I left school with a huge desire to paint and initially studied interior design.  It was here I found my passion for art history and after completing the Interior Design course I began a BA in Fine Art.  Now that I’m in my sixties I realise art has taught me so much about myself and has supported me through life’s ups and downs allowing me to paint through my sadness and my joy.

Today I would describe myself as an experimental artist, not connected to one genre or colour palette in particular as I love to paint everything.  I work in various media including oils, acrylics, charcoal, inks and I incorporate many textures and glazes to my work, sometimes I play with collage.  I love to layer my work, each layer holds a back story or history as the painting unfolds and creates another dimension to my painting.  I now know when to add more, when to hold back and sometimes I even know when to stop!    

I am particularly connected to nature, the seasons and the elements and often go out on location with my sketchbooks and paints to capture not only what I see but also what I feel into my sketches.    I will then return to my studio to complete my paintings or develop my sketches further,  these can remain realistic but often they develop into a more abstract piece.  I also love poetry – sometimes a poem can inspire a painting and sometimes a painting can inspire a poem. I particularly like the work of Frederic Garcia Lorca whose written word has inspired many of my paintings.  Sometimes I just paint through what I am feeling, finding the flow and seeing where this might take me.  

Stephanie Goddard, Artist
b. London, England, 1961

With a career in art spanning over 30 years, Steffi has an accomplished of private and corporate collectors and her work is now worldwide in private homes, offices and on super yachts.  Steffi lives in Spain where she connects with her studio every day.

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