Artist statement

‘Art has always been my guide and has never let me down’ 

My paintings are a reflection of myself, my surroundings, my feelings and emotions, my daily connections to women and my relationship with my mother.  I absolutely love colour and texture, it is at the core of all my work whether an abstract, nude, or contemporary female face.  I work in various mixed media including oils, acrylics, charcoal, inks and I incorporate many textures and glazes, sometimes I play with collage.  There are usually about 7 layers to my paintings, each layer holds a back story and a history as the painting unfolds.  I use poetry (often my own),  words from a novel, symbols or images which become lost as the layers develop.  This is where the energy and depth to the work develops being the parts of the painting that only I know about.  I paint intuitively using bold colours and brave brushstrokes along with textures and glazes. My work reflects the beauty of the living world and the people within, peppered with a mildly feminist element where the duality of women’s strength and vulnerability is explored. I often am confronted with the voice of my mother and this also comes through metaphorically in my work.   I am also privileged to run creative art workshops from my studio in Spain helping women to get a little closer to understanding themselves through the media of paint where I can draw upon my own life experiences as I teach.

My career began when I studied ‘A’ Level Art History after I left school and I followed this up with a foundation course which led me to University as a mature student with 2 young children. I studied printmaking and fine art qualifying with a BA(Hons) from Reading University, UK, in 1990 and from there my life changed.   I never actually considered myself an artist until I sold my first painting from a local gallery and the realisation that I could actually connect with another person through my work was so strong I was hooked and knew what I wanted to do.   My marriage was empty and lonely and I spent long periods alone so threw myself  into painting, absorbing everything I could about art history and the painters who led the way.  Inevitably my marriage ended and I struggled emotionally and fought depression for a while but my painting  actually saved me. 

I am always learning and growing, every new painting moves me forward a little more in my personal journey, I cannot imagine my life without art.  

I also love poetry and sometimes use it as inspiration for my work which can be influenced by my own poetry or that of others.  I had a book published in 2019 called ‘I AM…’ which contains 22 images from my warrior women series and a poem written by my daughter.  It also supported a solo exhibition of the same name in the UK in 2019.

I always say that ‘painting keeps me sane’ – truer words have never been said

Stephanie Goddard, Artist
b. London, England, 1961

‘It is important to remember how beautiful our natural world is and I take my inspiration from everything I see around me expressing this through the medium of paint, texture and words. I am  inspired daily by the realities and wonders of nature and our world.  I see everything in bright vivid colour and paint with a positive attitude.  My work has an expressionist element, I aim to capture the feeling and the beauty that I find in our natural world by painting not only what I see, but also what I feel.

‘Colours are like words to me’

Solo, Collaborative and Mixed Exhibitions Since 2008

2008 Andaluza-Rural, Alcala la Real, Spain – solo exhibition

2009 Palacio de Museo, Alcala la Real, Spain – solo exhibition

2009 Galleria Abades 48, Seville, Spain

2009 International Marbella Art Fair, Marbella, Spain

2010 Cortijo Las Salinas, Sabariego, Spain

2011 FIARTE, La Churiana, Granda, Spain

2011 Colours are like words to me, Alcala la Real, Spain – solo exhibition

2012 Collaborative Exhibition, Axarquia Artists, Frigiliana, Spain

2012 Mujeres, Macarena, Granada, Spain

2012 FIARTE, La Churiana, Granada, Spain

2012 Palacio La Quinta Alegre, Granada, Spain

2013 ARTESUR – Travelling exhibition throughout Southern Spain

2013 Permanent Exhibition – Tula Wellbeing Centre, Ascot, Berkshire, UK

2014 FIARTE, La Churiana, Granada, Spain

2015 FIARTE, La Churiana, Granada, Spain

2016 DNA of Artists, Granada, Spain

2017 La Azucarera, Motril, Spain

2019 Blue Bay Art Gallery, La Herradura, Spain

2019  Alan Klucklow Fine Art Gallery, Sunningdale, UK – solo exhibition

2019  Windsor Contemporary Art Fair, UK

2020  Blue Bay Art Gallery, Joint exhibition, La Herradura, Spain

2020  No.20 Restaurant, La Herradura, Spain

2020 Festiarte, Marbella, Spain
2020 ArtMarbella, International Contemporary Art Show, Marbella, Spain


Cortijo Las Salinas

Sabariego 23685, Jaen



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