I AM ….. The Book for Warrior Women

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Art and Poetry Book

I AM … Warrior Women Art and Poetry Book
Art by Steffi Goddard
Poetry by Chloe Watts Goddard

This full colour high quality printed hard back book includes 22 of my warrior women supported by their own poem written by my daughter.

It measures 17 x 25 cms and is the perfect gift for any woman of any age.

A full colour, high quality hardback book including 22 warrior women and their own individual inspirational poem.  Full colour prints also available of your favourite warrior woman.

4 reviews for I AM ….. The Book for Warrior Women

  1. Dorothea Senger

    I am deeply touched by the idea of painting battle scars and warrior marks of women into their beautiful faces. These faces get more and more brilliance and beauty – their healed wounds shine like gold throughout them… the poetry is wonderful- also with these explaining words, which let us have another new view onto the paintings. Very well done, mother and daughter. Thank you for this kind of meditation.,.

    • Steffi

      Thank you for your supportive words.

  2. Rob Stevens

    This book is inspirational. I bought one for my daughter and one for my wife. They have both got so much from the art and poetry. Every page touched them with the positive messages. Thank you.

    • Steffi

      I’m so happy to know they have been helpful to your wife and daughter.

  3. Bindi

    I was given this book as a gift. It’s beautiful with such expressive paintings and thought provoking words. I like to savour it, going through one page at a time on different days so that I can reflect on the imagery and the words x

    • Steffi

      Thank you so much, I am so glad you keep enjoying the words and the art

  4. Debbie Skyrme

    Powerful. Inspirational. Moving. Truthful. Every painting tells it’s own story and then Chloe’s words take it to another level.
    I’ve gifted several copies of Steffis Warrior Women book to women in my family I admire… % recommend you do too!

    • Steffi

      Thank you for sharing with important women in your life

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