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‘Why not commission me?’

‘When I am painting to commission I am very connected with the thoughts and emotions of the commissioner.   It’s like I am downloading their thoughts and feeling onto the canvas’


A commissioned piece of artwork offers many things.  Primarily we work together to discover what you want for your wall space and the feeling you want for your unique painting using sketches and colour charts.  I create many smaller pieces for you to choose from until we agree where we are going, I then begin your painting using my original style combined with the ideas we have talked about to the dimensions you need for your wall.

Over the years I have painted many paintings of various sizes, large and small, which now adorn the walls of beautiful homes, offices and super yachts.  If you would like to talk to me about the potential of a commission, with no obligation, send me a message using the contact form at the bottom of the page and we can arrange a mutual time for a chat.  If I can do a house visit, I am always happy to see the space for myself.

I value my collectors sooooooo much !   I am always emotional and overwhelmed when I receive a photograph of the painting in situ as it is a great honour to see where my work finally ends.  If you have ever thought about having a special painting to complete your home, office or super yacht, I am always happy to discuss the process through with you.  By buying art directly from me you can enjoy being part of the process of your painting right from the beginning and see its development through to completion.  It is both  liberating and exciting and can mark any occasion in a very special way. Why not email me on to arrange a chat.

‘Colours are like words to me’

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