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Hi!   I’m Steffi

Thank you for stopping by.   Grab a coffee or glass of wine and take a look at what I have been painting recently.

If you would like to invest in one of my paintings or discuss specific dimensions for your home, office or super yacht, contact me via the contact form.

In other news, Volume 2 of my I AM … Warrior Women book is now available, another 22 wonderful warrior women adorn the pages of this hardback book.

‘Colours are like words to me’

Personalised Commissioned Pieces

Talk to me about a painting for your interior – I can work to the size that will fit your space perfectly, your preferred colour palette and subject choice, or you can just leave it to me !



Campari Soda Seas

I live by the sea and can often be seen painting vibrant seascapes down on the beach

Still Life


‘Wishful Thinking’

From ‘The Sound of Falling Petals’ Series

Crazy Narratives

Batshit Bonkers




Art and Poetry Book I AM … Warrior Women Art and Poetry Book

Volume 1

30 Euros/UK £ including postage


Future Thinking

Original availble

Mixed Media on Canvas


I AM … Warrior Women Art and Poetry Book

Volume 2

30 Euros/UK £ including postage




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Current Portfolio

Check back regularly for updates!

The Perfect Mother

Figurative and Faces

A gallery of contemporary women showing their most celebrated assets and elements of their inner self.

Night Diving

Colourful abstract art

‘When I close my eyes this is what I see – colours are like words to me’.  A gallery of colourful textured contemporary abstract paintings for sale.  Sophisticated art for sophisticated spaces.

The Sound of Falling Petals

The moment the petal releases and falls gently to the floor is the moment I capture in these floral paintings. 


Art for sale or commission

My original paintings can compliment your home, office or super yacht.  Art also makes a thoughful gift for someone special or to mark a special occasion.

Email me directly using the contact form if you need any help or advice.  

Art need not be expensive if bought directly from the artist and I am happy to offer ‘love loans’ to spread the cost.


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