Because art is a very emotive and subjective area, it is not always easy to buy art as a gift, however it can be one of the most personal and sensitive things you can offer someone as a beautiful and lifelong investment.  

Art as a gift is perfect for many occasions, Valentines Day, any type of anniversary, birthday but in particular as a wedding present. As the couple plan to make a home together, what better than to have a special work of art adorning their walls that they have had a joint experience choosing together.  This can be an original piece of work already created by me or I can be commissioned to work with the couple to a particular size or idea they might have to work with the interior of their home.   It could include rose petals or flowers from the bouquet, confetti, love notes from guests, wax from a candle, sand if there is a sand ceremony or any other found object which is personal to the couple.  A piece of personal Heart Art could be a part of your marriage proposal with a secret message hidden within the painting.  I would even be happy to attend the wedding to create some abstract studies which could go towards the final painting.  My level of service is of a very personal level as I am totally emotionally involved with my work and will work with you and listen to any creative ideas you may have.

I offer hand made gift certificates as part of the package and the amount can be in any denomination from 75 Euros for smaller works and prints up to an amount of your choice.  It can be a present from a group of friends and family who jointly collaborate which ultimately results in a very special gift and the experience of choosing the piece of artwork together makes a wonderful and memorable occasion.

Part of the process of a commissioned piece of work is an initial informal chat and a visit to me in my studio if convenient or a Skype/FaceTime conversation.  This way I can make a connection and get to know the client and their likes and dislikes and I then work on a few small ideas before embarking on the final painting.  This allows the couple to respond to initial ideas and allows them to be part of the process which is very exciting.  Every painting is signed an comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.  Email me for more information or to arrange an informal chat or use the contact form below.