Female Contemporary Portrait

When no one takes you by the hand
Or holds you when you are scared
When no one halves the load you bear
Or hears your worries and cares
When no one tends to your bleeding heart
When no one fights your corner
This untamed path on which you tread is the making of a warrior
Yes, they turned their heads when they saw fear behind your eyes
No, they didn’t have the words to speak sweet comforts when you cried
Yet look at how your thighs grew strong
When the path seemed hellish, hot and long
And beneath the hand of heavens wrath
How strong became your burdened back
Though tears a-plenty were not caught when pouring down your cheeks
Thos same tears made fertile soil where wisdom roots itself deep
You my darling have come so far across arid savage lands
And though at times you felt alone, you learnt to hold your own hand