I AM EMPATHY – LIMITED EDITION PRINT Contemporary female face from the I AM … Warrior women series.  This is a limited edition print, numbered, signed and delivered to your door ready for you to frame.

Other options available – a hand embellished limited edition print or printed onto canvas finished with gold leaf. The photos below show how a canvas will look but can only be purchased on application.  Write to me if this appeals and you would like prices and info. and to customise your size to fit your wall space. I AM EMPATHY is featured in Volume 1 of the I AM … book.

Each warrior women has her own special poem which will be included with your purchase.

My new series of paintings are powerful women with a story, a history and a journey are the core of my new series of work and are available as limited edition prints on paper or canvas.

‘I AM’ – Two of the most powerful words because what you put after them shapes your reality. Bevan Lee

These two very small, powerful words resonated with me. Usually the negative brain kicks in and words like ‘not enough’ or ‘unloved’ steal the limelight.

But what if I filled that little gap with words like ‘beautiful’ or ‘complete’ or even ‘goddess’?

Step aside negative mind and let the positive mind through.

It was in that moment this series of powerful women started to pour through me as if I was downloading data through my paintings.

Every girl in this series has their own story, their own challenge, their own warrior marks to emphasise the battle scars life has thrown at them. As you look into their eyes you may find a shared experience, may feel their emotion, their loss, their sorrow. I cried real tears as these girls poured out of me, all of them me in some way. I felt their war against themselves and heard their stories.



I feel you

I see you

I share your pain

And know that

I want you

to be happy again

When troubled

When beaten

When bruised and alone

I feel you

I see you

Let me halve the load

But when the

Time comes soon

For joy and laughter

I’ll share it

Augment it

And still be there after


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