I paint women, for women.  Powerful women who will challenge you emotionally, intellectually and spiritually as you gaze deep within their eyes.  Warrior Women are a constant theme in my work and I regularly paint them, not from photos but from my intuition.  Three warrior stripes can be seen within each painting representing the battle scars of life we have that shape us and create our story.  They are completed with a poem written either by my daughter or myself.  Warrior Women are available as an original painting or a signed and numbered limited print.   Many originals are now SOLD but signed and numbered Limited Edition Prints of 50 are available of each Warrior Woman and can be purchased from my shop or direct message me to discuss your specific requirements.  Prints are 40 x 50 cms, high quality on artist grade paper and hand finished with gold leaf or can be printed to any size. 

The art and poetry book featuring 22 ‘I AM … Warrior Women’ can also be purchased from my shop. This is a mother/daughter collaboration.  Why not buy the book and your favourite print together?

Thank you for visiting my warrior women today, I am sure at least one of them has a message for you.


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