The magnificent oceans cover over 70% of our planet earth’s surface and control our daily weather systems.  Full of energy and mystery, from the gentle rolling of the waves to the to the power of the tsunami, filled with tropical corals, unusual sea creatures and deep mysteries.

Do you ever wonder what is out there, deep in the dark underwater worlds, surviving the cold and hiding from the weather?   The oceans are a source of endless inspiration and allows me to create these exciting contemporary seascapes.  I love to snorkel and swim in the sea, watching as the fish swim past me unperturbed, corals sway and silver bubbles pass through my fingers with the shimmer of the sunshine above. The silence and stillness of the moment is so perfect as time stops and the wonders of nature interact together and with me.  Night diving is a different experience entirely where the extraordinary underwater ‘fish fiesta’ is a sight to behold.




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