‘Colours are like words to me’     ‘When I close my eyes, this is what I see – colours are like words to me’.

I absolutely love abstract art because when intuition and intellect come together it really is a joy. When I close my eyes I see shapes, colours and textures, as I begin to translate this onto canvas or paper I can totally lose myself, and days, in the process as I am continually challenged with problem solving until intuitively I am told to stop and the painting is complete.


My intention is to create meaningful art therefore painting in the abstract genre can be particularly challenging because to create an abstract painting which has harmony and balance the creative thought process is challenged the most as it is based on feelings and emotions using colour, shapes, brushstrokes, size and scale and of course intuition and intellect.  

Thank you for visiting my abstract art page, all work here is available so if there is something that you would like to hang on your wall or commission me for a specific piece write to me at steffi@steffisartwork.com

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