‘Colours are like words to me’     After a very positive and creative start to the year, around the end of February my work began to change, my colour palette became darker, brushstrokes bolder, paintings were erased and restarted, my refinement lost its way.   As I began to paint over each canvas organically this collection of abstract work began to slowly emerge, brighter, lifted and with a positive energy. The text from a novel that had fallen apart created the title for each painting, the words being abstract in isolation lead you to consider the painting in more depth and the deeper meaning behind them.   Painting in the abstract genre can be particularly challenging because to create an abstract painting  the creative thought process is challenged the most. This series is based on how I was feeling using colour, shapes, brushstrokes, size and scale to explore that moment when the planet stopped to breathe.  Thank you for visiting my abstract art page.


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